Beautiful Round Ass in Tight Jean Shorts


There is just something irresistible about an ass in tight jean shorts or any tight shorts for that matter. But, I know a lot of guys, myself included have a fetish for girls in tight jeans. Looking at a girl in tight jeans gives me an instant erection, actually more so than if I were to see the ass naked. It is funny how that happens. This picture illustrates that allure perfectly in my not so humble opinion. I just love the way the tight seam of the jeans rides up deep into the butt crack, separating the ass cheeks wide open. You just know that behind that seam is a tight little asshole just waiting to be licked.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt when the booty in shorts belongs to Debbie White. She is not shy about her ass. And she is willing to give up a close up view of every inch of that ass crack. She takes those shorts off and spreads her butt wide open as the camera closes in on her delicious pink asshole. As if that is not enough, she lays on her side and inserts a dildo into that butthole as the camera captures her every move. Absolutely delicious. A must for any ass lover.

Blonde Tea Spreads Open Her Butt and Shows Her Asshole


If you love ass, then you owe it to yourself to head over to When I say you need to love ass I don’t mean guys who say, “oh yeah, that is a nice ass”. What I mean is, if you are a coinnoisseur of fine asses, the kind of guy that sees a beautiful ass and wants to bury his face between the cheeks, then is the site for you. I don’t say this lightly, I have looked around a lot and while there are lots of sites out there that have girls with beautiful asses, and I post stuff from there here all the time, I find one of the few sites that really lets you get close up between a girl’s ass. They seem to have an endless supply of beautiful girls with round butts who don’t mind being filmed with ass cheeks spread wide open. I mean, if you are going to open your ass and let a guy film your asshole for a good five minutes, then you are a special type of girl. Look at Tea for example. This girl makes my dick hard, even with her clothes on. Then when she lays like that and spread her cheeks open like that, well, I am lost for words. That has to be one of the most beautiful pussy and asshole combinations I have ever seen.

Watch Blonde Tea Spread Her Ass Wide Open

Karlie Montana’s Perfect Ass is a Work of Art

Karlie Montana has an ass that was made to be photographed and filmed in every position and from every angle possible. Just look at that perfect ass! Perfect round mounds of ass flesh. Not an extra ounce of fat or cellulite anywhere in sight. It stays up on it’s own, with ass cheeks nice and firm, not even a single hint of sag. That is the kind of ass that deserves to be worshipped. And it is a good thing that the guys over at are doing a marvellous job of worhsipping that ass with their camera. Being the awesome model that she is, Karlie Montana does a good job of spreading her ass wide open and giving us the kinds of views that will leave you wanting to lick your monitor! We can sit back as voyeurs and watch that stunning, round booty close up, high definition and in our face. I have heard of “fine art photography”, but THAT is what I would call “fine ass photography”.

Click on the picture to see more of Karlie Montanas ass!

Click on the picture to see more of Karlie Montana's ass!

Hot Brunette Babe Charlie Spreads Her Ass Cheeks Wide Open

If I appear to give the impression that I am addicted to crack, it is because I am. I am addicted to ““, one of my favourite ass and booty fetish sites around. How could I not be addicted when they keep putting out pictures and videos of hot models, with perfect round asses? If that is not enough, they somehow manage to capture their asses and pussies from the most amazing angles, up close and in your face. When I am jerking off to inthecrack stuff, I feel like I am right up there in the girls ass crack, part of all the action. It is almost as though I can stick out my tongue to lick their ass cracks. Check out this scene with a model who goes by the name of Charlie, look at this ass. What would you NOT do with it?!

Watch Charlie Spread her Ass Cheeks and Show you Her Lickabe Asshole and Butt Crack HERE!

Suzie Carina with a Vibrator in her Sweet, Tight Ass

I have been a huge Suzie Carina fan, ever since she burst on to the scene and well, made me burst with excitement! The thing about Suzie Carina is that she is so unpornstar like, if there is such a word. She has been in the business for a few years and she still looks as cute and as innocent as ever. She has not been pornified at all. Now I know, some guys will say what is wrong with looking like a porn star if you really are a pornstar. And that is fine, everybody has their own tastes. For me, it kills the fantasy when the girls looks too fake and too over the top. For example, one of the most popular nude modeling sites out there is Met-Art. All there girls look young and fresh. They look as though they just came from having lunch with their mom, rather than from a porn shoot where they fucked three different guys in three different holes! Now, when you see a fresh cutie like that ACTUALLY taking three guys in three holes and still look oh so innocent, THAT my friends is GREAT PORN!


Just like my cute and lovely Suzie Carina here with a dildo up that sweet little butt of hers. She looks like the kinda girl who doesn’t put vibrators up her butt, and that is exactly why I love this scene so much!

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