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This one is for you ass lickers out there. I just love the way the tip of her wet tongue is lodged just inside her girlfriends, clean, pretty little asshole. I am sure I am not the only guy who loves to spread a girls butt cheeks wide open and lick her butthole. Now I know this may not be for everybody, but don’t knock it until you have tried it. Burying your face in a girl’s beautiful, clean, delicious round butt can be a very enjoyable experience. And as a bonus, the girl that you perform this act on will love you for it. Sure, there are some girls out there who might resist the idea at first. But, approach it slowly. Start by taking a shower together. After you have soaped her up and made sure she is nice and clean, kiss your way down her back and to her butt. First kiss her ass cheeks, spreading them open and then trailing your tongue down to her asshole. In all likelihood she might not realise what you are doing. Run the tip of your tongue lightly around her asshole and then spread her ass open, using the tip of your tongue lick her butthole, using a little pressure jam the tip of your tongue in her ass. This is your moment of truth. She might pull away, or, she might actually back her ass into your face, jamming your tongue into her ass and your face between her spread ass cheeks.

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OK, I admit, much as I like beautiful round asses spread wide open, with their pretty pink anuses showing, sometimes I do like something a little different. Maybe something like firm, round teen asses in panties stretched tight across their smooth, round butt cheeks. I think a pair of tight panties on a beautiful ass are like an ornament, they add to the beauty of the ass, enhancing it’s roundness and firmness. Take a look at this round ass teen for example from the guys over at Here name is Kori and she is bending over with that sexy booty up in the air, her white Victorias Secret Pink bikini panties are stretched tightly across her ass. The panty covered ass cheeks look so inviting, just asking to be touched, caressed, squeezed and kissed. If that is not enough, she models for us in a number of different panties, a thong that shows off her round, naked butt cheeks and see through panties that also show off her ass. Btw, how does one get admission into this Face Down Ass Up University anyway? Sounds like quite a place to get an education!

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There is just something about a girl laying on her side and opening up her ass cheeks to show us what her Mama gave her that I find absolutely mind blowing. There aren’t many things more beautiful that a hot redhead spreading her ass open and give us an intimate look at her ass crack, her butthole and of course her protruding pussy lips. That gorgeous wide open ass belongs to Karlie Montana, a stunning redhead with an incredible round butt. Now you might recognize the style of photography, it belongs to our friend over at Now with a name like inthecrack, you can expect that these guys know ASS! I think their ass worship, close ups of beautiful butt cracks and tight asshole videos are probably the best in the business.

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Here is a little description from about what goes in one of Karlie Montana’s video. Now if this doesn’t work for you, I don’t know if anything will!

Karlie may have the ass to die for but she’s never stuck anything up it….until now. This is Karlie’s first ever anal scene and she does a really beautiful job of it. While lying on her front on the bed with her legs wide open we sneak right up under her ass to gaze up her gorgeous crack while she dabbles her finger in her anus. The intimate bum crack view is truly magical with gorgeous curves and lots of sexy anus winking. Before long she progresses to a blue dildo and she continues dabbling it in her ass hole and bringing it out to show her gorgeous anus winking in and out. Later she moves to lie on her side in a pose that really shows her fantastic form as she continues dabbling with the dildo and winking her ass hole. Though the bulk of this is just sexy dabbling and winking she does momentarily work up some more intense action grinding the dildo in her ass. In the latter part of this clip we focus more and more on her incredible anus winking. Her anus has an incredible range of motion as she flexes it in and out at will only inches in front of your face. This will really hit the spot if you dream of beautiful anuses. At the end Karlie’s personality comes to the front as she starts talking to you about her anus. Unlike typical porn star jargon this is anything but cliche, and rather more spontaneous sexy ass talk.

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Tanned round asses, quivering firm asscheeks spread wide open,  tight, pink lickable assholes, perfect teen asses. These are just a few of my favourite things. And they are what you get when you join a site called If I was to say that is an ass lovers’ paradise, I would not be exaggerating. It is not that they feature stunning women with perfect, round, firm booties that makes this site different. It is how they present these stunning butts to us. Have you ever looked a hot, tight little ass and wondered what it be like to bury your face deep in that ass crack? Well, gives you that kind of up close and personal look at fine female behinds. Take a look at this beautiful, tanned, tight ass right here. This perfect butt belongs to the famous porn star Zafira. This Hungarian hottie has done some anal porn scenes, but never have I seen her ass and tight fuckable asshole presented so beautifully. Those anal beads that she is slowly pulling out of her asshole only serve to highlight the beauty of that lovely bum.

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As maybe apparent, considering I started a site called, I love ASS! Being the ass lover that I am, I recognize that some of the finest ass out there is latina ass. There is not too much out there that can compare to firm, round, latina booty. I love latina ass! But, I really love, latina TEEN ASS! And boy do I have some fine latina teen ass for you guys today. This absolutely adorable, cute as a button latina teen with a dildo deep inside her tight butthole is Pamela Spice. And she has just launched a BRAND NEW, solo girl website that is absolutely off the hook. The girl loves showing of her firm, round, teen, latina ass. And if that is not enough, she wears tight jeans and tight pants to show her round butt, just to tease us! Of course, the tight jeans always come off to reveal her round ass in the tiniest of g-strings and sexy thong panties. But, it only gets better, because as you can see, this 18 year old latina babe, LOVES to play with her tight ass. In fact, she really seems to love putting dildos up that tight teen ass of hers!

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What is there not like about this latina teen? She is heartbreakingly beautiful. And yet at the same time, deliciously nasty. i wonder if she needs help lubing up that dildo before she puts it in her asshole!

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When it comes to searching for the perfect ass, I leave no ass unturned. I am on a quest for as many fine, upturned asses as I can get my hands on. So, in my search for fine, female butts I came across(no, unfortunately not literally), this rather fine piece of East Euro booty. There are so many things I love about this model. If you are into East Euro hotties, this girl is perfect. She has that “East Euro” look that seems to drive men crazy. Sure, but what about her ASS, I hear you ask. Isn’t that why we are here? To admire her perfect round, ass. Sure. And Dido from Errotica-Archives, definitely does not disappoint us in the ass department.

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Dido has a beautiful round ass and she is willing to show us every inch of it. I absolutely love these kinds of views, with the model laying on her side and pulling open her ass cheeks to display her sweet, lickable butt hole and shaved pussy lips.

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We could argue for ever and still not come to agreement on what represents a “perfect ass”. And that is ok, because variety is the spice of life. Some go for big, round, latina booty, others prefer slim, firm asses. But, which ever side of the “perfect ass” argument you are on, I think you would agree that this ass here is probably quite close to perfect.

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It is perfectly round, and flares nicely at the hips, giving Melisa from that perfect womanly figure. Moreover, her ass is firm and smooth with no unsightly bulges. If that is not enough, Melisa’s angelic face, and beautiful long hair, make this girl a stunner. That gentleman, is quite simply a thing of beauty. How many of us could spend days admiring(touching? licking?) every inch of that beautiful, perfect, round butt.

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I love all kinds of asses, as long as they are FIRM! There is nothing worse than a saggy ass. But, after that I don’t care. I love small, firm bums as well as some fine, big booty latinas or even tight, teen butts. My favourite though is the big, round, tight, firm ass. It is the type of ass you would find on women from Southern Europe, i.e Italian women, Spanish girls, Greek babes etc. They seem to have these gravity defying asses, at least when they are in their 20s. Once they get into their late 30s and 40s, gravity seems to start exerting it’s force. But, there is nothing like a big, round 20 year old girl’s ass. I love looking at celebrity asses to see which one of them has the best. There is one that I saw today that I hadn’t noticed before. Now, you might have heard of Kim Kadashian before. She has these sex tapes going around. Apparently, you can’t be a minor celebrity these days unless you have your own sex tape. Apparently her father was O.J. Simpson’s lawyer when he got off for murdering his ex-wife. Well, I hope he gets what he deserves this time. Anyway, back to Kim Kardashian. Now, this girl has an absolutely PHENOMENAL ass. Apparently she is of Armenian descent. Where ever she is from, she has one beautiful bubble butt. Here check out Kim Kardashian’s ass.

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Damn, that is one hot ass. Beautiful curves. I just love the way her butt sticks out. The roundness of her cheeks, accentuated by her very tight dress. I haven’t seen the Kim Kardashian sex video myself, but I hope who ever was banging her in those video spent a long time between those perfect ass cheeks. I could spent hours licking that butt, spreading her big beautiful ass cheeks and ramming her tight asshole.

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Wow, I love this booty picture. A latina teen with her panties pulled down to her thighs, exposing her perfect round bubble butt. This lovely, teen ass belongs to a very, naughty, braces wearing teen by the name of Teen Topanga. She has this naughty look about her of a girl who has just discovered her sexuality and is using her hot, teen body and tight, teen ass to tease all the guys. She is on a min-golf course in her short summer skirt and white, cotton panties that fit tightly around her perfect, round butt. She bends over to show us her perfect ass in her panties, shoving that beautiful ass in our face. Then her panties come off to reveal perfect, round ass cheeks, with a hint of her shaved pussy. Teen Topanga’s round, bubble butt is just asking for a licking. If you want to spank her ass go ahead. I would prefer to spread her round ass cheeks and stick my tongue deep in her ass!

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Ever since I first saw Sophie Moone’s pictures and videos on the internet, I have admired her perfect, round Hungarian ass. I have spent many hours admiring, looking at and wanking over close up videos and pictures of Sophie Moone’s ass. So, imagine my delight when I learnt that Sophie Moone had launched her own site over Now, as you can imagine, Sophie Moone’s sweet, tight, round butt is featured prominently on her site. And why not? Sophie Moone’s ass is perfection. And watching her ass in action, being fingered, having toys and dildos shoved up her perfect butt, is any ass lover’s dream. Take a look at this scene with her Czech friend Nella. Nella really goes to town on Sophie Moone’s tight ass.

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Here Nella is putting a large butt plug in Sophie Moone’s tight ass and stretching her beautiful asshole wide open! Damn, I am jealous! I would love to be right there watching Sophie Moone’s asshole open up as she is filled with that butt plug. I would then take that butt plug out of Sophie Moone’s tight asshole and lick it as it comes out her perfect, round ass. Yes, I want to taste Sophie Moone’s ass, is there anything wrong with that?!

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