Sexy Latina Teen Pamela Spice in Her First Hardcore Sex Scene

This is big news. In fact it is HUGE. Pamela Spice our favourite latina, teen schoolgirl has gone HARDCORE. I always knew she had it in her. Of course, on the face of it, she looks very cute and sweet and innocent, with her pigtails and all. But, we all know that Pamela Spice is no innocent schoolgirl. In fact, the last time I posted about her, this “sweet latina teen schoolgirl” had a vibrator deep inside her sweet latina booty. That post titled “Latina teen dildos her perfect booty” is right here. Once a girl has had a vibrator in her ass, there is only one step to go from there and that is a dick. Pamela Spice doesn’t disappoint for her first hardcore scene. She shows up in a pair of skin tight jeans that show off her teen ass and a tiny blouse. Soon, her blouse is off and the lucky guy is sucking on her perfect teen tits. If you want to see this teen giving a blowjob with her braces, you are going to have to do yourself a favour and check out all the action.

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Pamela Spice Sexy Latina Teen in Tight Jeans

Pamela Spice Sexy Latina Teen in Tight Jeans

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Brazilian Teen Ass in Tiny Pink Short Shorts

When you hear the word “Brazil” what comes to mind? If you are a pervert like me, the first thing that comes to my mind is hot Brazilian girls! Brazilian girls are legendary, for their sexuality, passion and last but not least, their beautiful, round asses. And as if that is not enough, Brazilian women are known to be quite partial to anal sex. So, not only do they have the nicest asses on the planet, they have no love having their asses filled with hard cock. If there ever were a man’s paradise, it would have to be Brazil. Some say Thailand, but I much prefer the body type of the Brazilian girls. If you are an ass lover, Brazil has to be one country on your “must visit” list. To celebrate fine Brazilian women and their round booties, I present to you A Brazilian teen with a booty that will bring tears to your eyes. She is teasing us in the park wearing a pair of pink short shorts that show off her teen ass to perfection. The shorts come off to reveal a pretty black thong that looks stunning on her hot ass.

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Brazilian Teen Ass in Short Shorts

Brazilian Teen Ass in Short Shorts

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Karlie Montana’s Perfect Ass is a Work of Art

Karlie Montana has an ass that was made to be photographed and filmed in every position and from every angle possible. Just look at that perfect ass! Perfect round mounds of ass flesh. Not an extra ounce of fat or cellulite anywhere in sight. It stays up on it’s own, with ass cheeks nice and firm, not even a single hint of sag. That is the kind of ass that deserves to be worshipped. And it is a good thing that the guys over at are doing a marvellous job of worhsipping that ass with their camera. Being the awesome model that she is, Karlie Montana does a good job of spreading her ass wide open and giving us the kinds of views that will leave you wanting to lick your monitor! We can sit back as voyeurs and watch that stunning, round booty close up, high definition and in our face. I have heard of “fine art photography”, but THAT is what I would call “fine ass photography”.

Click on the picture to see more of Karlie Montanas ass!

Click on the picture to see more of Karlie Montana's ass!

Teen Blonde Babe Leah’s Round Ass in See Through Panties

We love ass. And we love hot, blonde, eighteen year old teens. So what happens when you put a hot teen with a round, tight ass into a plaid skirt and a pair of sexy, white see through panties. And then take pictures of said teen’s round butt in those see through panties? What happens is that you get mouth watering pictures of firm teen ass in see through panties. You get pictures like this, that make you want to press your face betwen those ass cheeks. Leah is a stunner. She has long blonde hair, sexy delicious lips that look like they are perfect for sucking cock and that ass, that beautiful, firm teen booty that is begging to be explored under those panties.

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Hot Brunette Babe Charlie Spreads Her Ass Cheeks Wide Open

If I appear to give the impression that I am addicted to crack, it is because I am. I am addicted to ““, one of my favourite ass and booty fetish sites around. How could I not be addicted when they keep putting out pictures and videos of hot models, with perfect round asses? If that is not enough, they somehow manage to capture their asses and pussies from the most amazing angles, up close and in your face. When I am jerking off to inthecrack stuff, I feel like I am right up there in the girls ass crack, part of all the action. It is almost as though I can stick out my tongue to lick their ass cracks. Check out this scene with a model who goes by the name of Charlie, look at this ass. What would you NOT do with it?!

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Blonde Teen Marina C has a Firm, Round Teen Ass

Here is an ass for those of you like girls with small asses. Now, just because a girl has a small ass, doesn’t mean that it is not a great ass. As long as she has an ass that is round, firm and with no hint of flatness, it is an ass that I want to bury my face in. This tiny, round ass belongs to Marina C of Met-Art. This barely legal blonde teen is absolutely adorable. She has that really cute, innocent face that is the hallmark of Met-Art girls, beautiful blonde hair, perfect small suckable tits and that tight, round booty. That booty is worthy of worship. I love how her ass cheeks spread open on their own showing us her tight, asshole that is just begging to be licked. Oh, and don’t miss the hint of tanlines where she has obviously been wearing a thong. If you like an ass that you cup in your hands and squeeze to your heart’s desire, Marina C has the tight, teen ass just for you.

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Suzie Carina with a Vibrator in her Sweet, Tight Ass

I have been a huge Suzie Carina fan, ever since she burst on to the scene and well, made me burst with excitement! The thing about Suzie Carina is that she is so unpornstar like, if there is such a word. She has been in the business for a few years and she still looks as cute and as innocent as ever. She has not been pornified at all. Now I know, some guys will say what is wrong with looking like a porn star if you really are a pornstar. And that is fine, everybody has their own tastes. For me, it kills the fantasy when the girls looks too fake and too over the top. For example, one of the most popular nude modeling sites out there is Met-Art. All there girls look young and fresh. They look as though they just came from having lunch with their mom, rather than from a porn shoot where they fucked three different guys in three different holes! Now, when you see a fresh cutie like that ACTUALLY taking three guys in three holes and still look oh so innocent, THAT my friends is GREAT PORN!


Just like my cute and lovely Suzie Carina here with a dildo up that sweet little butt of hers. She looks like the kinda girl who doesn’t put vibrators up her butt, and that is exactly why I love this scene so much!

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Melissa Midwest Butt Cheeks Spread Open and Fingered

I have talked about/jerked off over Melissa Midwest’s tight round ass earlier on this blog. We even did a side by side comparison of Melissa Midwest’s round booty with that of her brunette friend over at There is no doubt that Melissa does indeed have a very round, firm, smackable butt. So, when I saw this latest set of Melissa Midwest with her buttcheeks spread wide open and a finger deep inside her tight asshole, I knew I had to write about it. First we get a very nice view of Melissa bent over, with her sexy pink thong pulled aside and her ass up in the air, showing off her beautiful pink asshole. Then we get to the good part. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. And Melissa’s ass deserves a thousand pictures. Check this view out:

Damn, that is one very lucky finger, getting stuffed deep inside that gorgeous pink asshole. Of course, Melissa has a rather pretty, lickable shaved pussy as well. But, we are ass hunters here and Melissa’s fabulous butt cheeks spread open and fingered is just too much to tear away from.

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Now THIS is a Perfect Ass!

I started this blog with a simple question, “what is the perfect ass?”. Now after posting pictures of hundreds of beautiful, firm, round asses are we any closer to answer that question? Can we really define the “perfect ass” in simple words? Or do we just know the perfect ass when we see it? Can we with any certainty lay out all the attributes a perfect ass should have? Some of us will say it has be big and juicy. Others amongst us prefer them smaller, the kind of ass that we can cup in the palm of our hands. Personally I prefer them somewhat in between, not too large and not too small. The kind of ass that can stand on it’s own without any hint of sagginess. My vision of a perfect ass is something like this.

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I challenge anybody here to give me one thing wrong with this gorgeous butt! You can’t, because that is one flawless ass. There is not one hint of sagginess. The ass cheeks are perfectly round and firm. It is not too big, not is it too small. A perfect medium of a tight, round ass. Oh yes, I did find ONE thing wrong with that ass, and that is that my face is not buried between those perfect round cheeks!

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Nicole Scherzinger’s Delicious Ass in Skin Tight Dress

In our celebrity obsessed culture, we examing every detail of celebrities lives, from the people they date and the clothes they wear to comparisons of their bodies. Discussions like which celebrity has the sexiest legs to the the firmest breasts, to the nicest ass are all common place. Now we know a thing or two about asses and so our topic here concerns finest celebrity asses. Some actresses and celebrities are well known for their booty. J Lo’s booty is her signature trademark. And then there is Kim Kardashian’s butt. Her large firm, round ass has quite a following. Jessica Biel is another actress with a famous ass. But, there are some celebrities out there that, I think, have an under appreciated butt. Nicole Scherzinger happens to be one such celebrity. She is quite a regular on the red carpet and a favourite of the paparazzi, yet I don’t think Nicole Scherzingers firm round globules of flesh get enough attention! We have hand Nicole Scherzinger thong slips that show off the top of her panties just above her ass crack. But, this picture of Nicole’s booty really grabbed my attention. That skint tight rubbery dress that she is wearing leaves very little to the imagination. Each of her smooth round butt cheeks, with the crack of her ass in between is clearly visible. Now if Nicole wasn’t so busy showing off her booty on the red carpet, I would have her sitting on my face in that tight dress and kissing, licking and worshipping that fine, round booty of hers!

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