Met-Art Michelle’s Teen Ass Close Up

Now here is an ass that I would like to examine closely. Very closely. This rather beautiful ass belongs to Michelle C, a Met-Art model who happens to be quite stunning herself. She is stunning in that, girl next door, hot college girl, girl you always dreamed about way. Michelle has dreamy blue eyes and sexy, pouty, full lips, the kind that are just perfect to wrap around your cock. I can just imagine Michelle looking at me with those blue eyes, while she wraps those pouty lips around my dick and gives me the blowjob of my dreams. But, Michelle’s best asset has to be this perfect, round ass that she is bending over and letting us admire. Those round ass cheeks are just waiting to be caressed. I can imagine myself kissing those perfect butt cheeks, spreading her ass wide open and admiring her spread open butt as I move my tongue down between the crack of her sweet, teen ass.

Close Up of Firm, Round Teen Ass
Close Up of Firm, Round Teen Ass

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Sexy Latina Teen Pamela Spice in Her First Hardcore Sex Scene

This is big news. In fact it is HUGE. Pamela Spice our favourite latina, teen schoolgirl has gone HARDCORE. I always knew she had it in her. Of course, on the face of it, she looks very cute and sweet and innocent, with her pigtails and all. But, we all know that Pamela Spice is no innocent schoolgirl. In fact, the last time I posted about her, this “sweet latina teen schoolgirl” had a vibrator deep inside her sweet latina booty. That post titled “Latina teen dildos her perfect booty” is right here. Once a girl has had a vibrator in her ass, there is only one step to go from there and that is a dick. Pamela Spice doesn’t disappoint for her first hardcore scene. She shows up in a pair of skin tight jeans that show off her teen ass and a tiny blouse. Soon, her blouse is off and the lucky guy is sucking on her perfect teen tits. If you want to see this teen giving a blowjob with her braces, you are going to have to do yourself a favour and check out all the action.

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Pamela Spice Sexy Latina Teen in Tight Jeans

Pamela Spice Sexy Latina Teen in Tight Jeans

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Teen Blonde Babe Leah’s Round Ass in See Through Panties

We love ass. And we love hot, blonde, eighteen year old teens. So what happens when you put a hot teen with a round, tight ass into a plaid skirt and a pair of sexy, white see through panties. And then take pictures of said teen’s round butt in those see through panties? What happens is that you get mouth watering pictures of firm teen ass in see through panties. You get pictures like this, that make you want to press your face betwen those ass cheeks. Leah is a stunner. She has long blonde hair, sexy delicious lips that look like they are perfect for sucking cock and that ass, that beautiful, firm teen booty that is begging to be explored under those panties.

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Blonde Teen Marina C has a Firm, Round Teen Ass

Here is an ass for those of you like girls with small asses. Now, just because a girl has a small ass, doesn’t mean that it is not a great ass. As long as she has an ass that is round, firm and with no hint of flatness, it is an ass that I want to bury my face in. This tiny, round ass belongs to Marina C of Met-Art. This barely legal blonde teen is absolutely adorable. She has that really cute, innocent face that is the hallmark of Met-Art girls, beautiful blonde hair, perfect small suckable tits and that tight, round booty. That booty is worthy of worship. I love how her ass cheeks spread open on their own showing us her tight, asshole that is just begging to be licked. Oh, and don’t miss the hint of tanlines where she has obviously been wearing a thong. If you like an ass that you cup in your hands and squeeze to your heart’s desire, Marina C has the tight, teen ass just for you.

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Round Booty Teen Bends over Showing off her Panty Covered Ass

OK, I admit, much as I like beautiful round asses spread wide open, with their pretty pink anuses showing, sometimes I do like something a little different. Maybe something like firm, round teen asses in panties stretched tight across their smooth, round butt cheeks. I think a pair of tight panties on a beautiful ass are like an ornament, they add to the beauty of the ass, enhancing it’s roundness and firmness. Take a look at this round ass teen for example from the guys over at Here name is Kori and she is bending over with that sexy booty up in the air, her white Victorias Secret Pink bikini panties are stretched tightly across her ass. The panty covered ass cheeks look so inviting, just asking to be touched, caressed, squeezed and kissed. If that is not enough, she models for us in a number of different panties, a thong that shows off her round, naked butt cheeks and see through panties that also show off her ass. Btw, how does one get admission into this Face Down Ass Up University anyway? Sounds like quite a place to get an education!

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Pamela Spice, Latina Teen Dildos Her Perfect Booty

As maybe apparent, considering I started a site called, I love ASS! Being the ass lover that I am, I recognize that some of the finest ass out there is latina ass. There is not too much out there that can compare to firm, round, latina booty. I love latina ass! But, I really love, latina TEEN ASS! And boy do I have some fine latina teen ass for you guys today. This absolutely adorable, cute as a button latina teen with a dildo deep inside her tight butthole is Pamela Spice. And she has just launched a BRAND NEW, solo girl website that is absolutely off the hook. The girl loves showing of her firm, round, teen, latina ass. And if that is not enough, she wears tight jeans and tight pants to show her round butt, just to tease us! Of course, the tight jeans always come off to reveal her round ass in the tiniest of g-strings and sexy thong panties. But, it only gets better, because as you can see, this 18 year old latina babe, LOVES to play with her tight ass. In fact, she really seems to love putting dildos up that tight teen ass of hers!

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What is there not like about this latina teen? She is heartbreakingly beautiful. And yet at the same time, deliciously nasty. i wonder if she needs help lubing up that dildo before she puts it in her asshole!

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Beautiful Brunette Displays Her Perfect Round Ass

We could argue for ever and still not come to agreement on what represents a “perfect ass”. And that is ok, because variety is the spice of life. Some go for big, round, latina booty, others prefer slim, firm asses. But, which ever side of the “perfect ass” argument you are on, I think you would agree that this ass here is probably quite close to perfect.

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It is perfectly round, and flares nicely at the hips, giving Melisa from that perfect womanly figure. Moreover, her ass is firm and smooth with no unsightly bulges. If that is not enough, Melisa’s angelic face, and beautiful long hair, make this girl a stunner. That gentleman, is quite simply a thing of beauty. How many of us could spend days admiring(touching? licking?) every inch of that beautiful, perfect, round butt.

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Latina Teen Shows Her Tight, Round Bubble Butt

Wow, I love this booty picture. A latina teen with her panties pulled down to her thighs, exposing her perfect round bubble butt. This lovely, teen ass belongs to a very, naughty, braces wearing teen by the name of Teen Topanga. She has this naughty look about her of a girl who has just discovered her sexuality and is using her hot, teen body and tight, teen ass to tease all the guys. She is on a min-golf course in her short summer skirt and white, cotton panties that fit tightly around her perfect, round butt. She bends over to show us her perfect ass in her panties, shoving that beautiful ass in our face. Then her panties come off to reveal perfect, round ass cheeks, with a hint of her shaved pussy. Teen Topanga’s round, bubble butt is just asking for a licking. If you want to spank her ass go ahead. I would prefer to spread her round ass cheeks and stick my tongue deep in her ass!

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Bubble Butt Teen’s Perfect Ass In Tight, Cotton Panties

I know why you guys come here. You just want to look at girl’s asses. Whether it is round teen asses or big, latina booty or tight, firm butts or celebrity asses, it doesn’t seem to matter. It is all about ass, ass, ass! Well, now, I have to admit that I do like asses as much as the next guy, but there is something else I like and that is a round, firm ass in a pair of panties that stretch tightly across the butt cheeks. Sure I like looking at naked asses, but sometimes I just get tired of spread naked asses, extreme closeups of assholes and spread open ass cheeks. A firm, round ass in a pair of TIGHT panties is a thing of beauty. Take a look at Nicole from This adorable teen has a beautiful, round, bubble butt. Now, while her tight, ass looks beautiful naked, those firm ass cheeks look absolutely jaw dropping in her tight, cotton panties.

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Now, is that round ass covered in a pair of tight panties a thing of beauty or what? If you are not thinking about burying your face in her panty covered ass cheeks, the only thing I can say is that I think you are gay!

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Sweet Adri’s Tight, Round, Teen Butt In A Tiny G-String Thong

This beautiful tight, round ass belongs to the hot brunette teen Sweet Adri. And have to say, I can’t get enough Sweet Adri’s hot, tight, teen ass! I have talked about Sweet Adri on this blog before and every time I see a new Sweet Adri picture set or Sweet Adri video, she just looks hotter. If that is even possible! She has this innocent, girl next door look. But, I am telling you guys, she is nasty! She loves to show off that tight butt of hers like she is doing here. She bends over with her tight butt up in air displaying her round ass cheeks. And she spreads her ass cheeks open for us to get a good look at her ass crack and sweet, lickable butthole. I have to admit, I have fantasized about licking Sweet Adri’s asshole or more than one occasion.

Sweet Adri, Teen Butt, Tight Round Ass, Perfect Bum, Round Booty

The tiny g-string between the cheeks of her perfect, round ass really show her butt off to perfection. And of course, as the picture set progresses, she pulls that tiny g-string aside to expose her flawless ass.

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