Picture of Demi Moore’s Ass in a Bikini on Twitter


So here’s a little treat for you guys. You know we like to follow celebrity asses, in fact, we have quite a few posted on this blog. There is Jessica Biel’s ass and cameltoe ,  Nicole Scherzinger’s firm assKim Kardashian’s round booty and today we have Demi Moore. What is great about this shot that is not a paparazzi shot. It is a candid shot that was taken by her husband Ashton Kutcher! She is bending over and steaming his suit, getting ready for Bruce Willis’ wedding, but it looks like Ashton is getting steamed up as well watching Demi’s ass. So what does Ashton do? He takes a picture of Demi Moore’s ass in a bikini and puts it on Twitter! Yep, that is the shot that he put on twittter for all the world to see. Thanks Ashton, Demi Moore still has a nice ass after all these years! Btw, here is the link to the original Twitter


Nicole Scherzinger’s Delicious Ass in Skin Tight Dress

In our celebrity obsessed culture, we examing every detail of celebrities lives, from the people they date and the clothes they wear to comparisons of their bodies. Discussions like which celebrity has the sexiest legs to the the firmest breasts, to the nicest ass are all common place. Now we know a thing or two about asses and so our topic here concerns finest celebrity asses. Some actresses and celebrities are well known for their booty. J Lo’s booty is her signature trademark. And then there is Kim Kardashian’s butt. Her large firm, round ass has quite a following. Jessica Biel is another actress with a famous ass. But, there are some celebrities out there that, I think, have an under appreciated butt. Nicole Scherzinger happens to be one such celebrity. She is quite a regular on the red carpet and a favourite of the paparazzi, yet I don’t think Nicole Scherzingers firm round globules of flesh get enough attention! We have hand Nicole Scherzinger thong slips that show off the top of her panties just above her ass crack. But, this picture of Nicole’s booty really grabbed my attention. That skint tight rubbery dress that she is wearing leaves very little to the imagination. Each of her smooth round butt cheeks, with the crack of her ass in between is clearly visible. Now if Nicole wasn’t so busy showing off her booty on the red carpet, I would have her sitting on my face in that tight dress and kissing, licking and worshipping that fine, round booty of hers!

Nicole Scherzinger Ass, Perfect Ass, Ass in Tight Dress, Round Ass

Celebrity Kim Kardashian Perfect Round Bubble Butt

I love all kinds of asses, as long as they are FIRM! There is nothing worse than a saggy ass. But, after that I don’t care. I love small, firm bums as well as some fine, big booty latinas or even tight, teen butts. My favourite though is the big, round, tight, firm ass. It is the type of ass you would find on women from Southern Europe, i.e Italian women, Spanish girls, Greek babes etc. They seem to have these gravity defying asses, at least when they are in their 20s. Once they get into their late 30s and 40s, gravity seems to start exerting it’s force. But, there is nothing like a big, round 20 year old girl’s ass. I love looking at celebrity asses to see which one of them has the best. There is one that I saw today that I hadn’t noticed before. Now, you might have heard of Kim Kadashian before. She has these sex tapes going around. Apparently, you can’t be a minor celebrity these days unless you have your own sex tape. Apparently her father was O.J. Simpson’s lawyer when he got off for murdering his ex-wife. Well, I hope he gets what he deserves this time. Anyway, back to Kim Kardashian. Now, this girl has an absolutely PHENOMENAL ass. Apparently she is of Armenian descent. Where ever she is from, she has one beautiful bubble butt. Here check out Kim Kardashian’s ass.

Kim Kardashian Sexy Ass, Big Bubble Butt, Round Ass, Celebrity ass

Damn, that is one hot ass. Beautiful curves. I just love the way her butt sticks out. The roundness of her cheeks, accentuated by her very tight dress. I haven’t seen the Kim Kardashian sex video myself, but I hope who ever was banging her in those video spent a long time between those perfect ass cheeks. I could spent hours licking that butt, spreading her big beautiful ass cheeks and ramming her tight asshole.

Jessica Biel’s Perfect Ass and Cameltoe

I don’t think we can have a proper ass blog without talking about and even gazing at the best celebrity asses. All in the name of research of course. When discussing best female celebrity ass, it is hard to ignore Jessica Biel’s beautiful ass. Her ass has been written about and photographed extensively and has many admirers. So, without further ado, let us see what all the fuss is about and take a closer look at Jessica Biel’s butt:

Jessica Biel ass in tights

If we look back at my earlier post about what makes a perfect ass, I think Jessica Biel’s ass has all the right characteristics. Firm and tight, with a nice curve, not a hint of flatness there at all and supported by a nice pair of legs.

Now, here is another view with Jessical Biel in a bikini. Now, to be honest, the bikini is a little too big for my liking, but it is still can’t hide that perfect, smooth, round ass and perfect butt cheeks.

Jessica Biel ass in tiny bikini showing cameltoe

Now, is Jessica Biel’s ass a thing of beauty or not?! And let us not miss that cameltoe. Yes, it is a reverse cameltoe, but it is still nice to see Jessica Biel’s swimsuit between her pussy lips. Alright, I think that is got me all fired off, I think I am going to go off and think about licking her ass while I check out some hot models getting their asses filled with cock!