Latina Teen Shows Her Tight, Round Bubble Butt

Wow, I love this booty picture. A latina teen with her panties pulled down to her thighs, exposing her perfect round bubble butt. This lovely, teen ass belongs to a very, naughty, braces wearing teen by the name of Teen Topanga. She has this naughty look about her of a girl who has just discovered her sexuality and is using her hot, teen body and tight, teen ass to tease all the guys. She is on a min-golf course in her short summer skirt and white, cotton panties that fit tightly around her perfect, round butt. She bends over to show us her perfect ass in her panties, shoving that beautiful ass in our face. Then her panties come off to reveal perfect, round ass cheeks, with a hint of her shaved pussy. Teen Topanga’s round, bubble butt is just asking for a licking. If you want to spank her ass go ahead. I would prefer to spread her round ass cheeks and stick my tongue deep in her ass!

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Bubble Butt Teen’s Perfect Ass In Tight, Cotton Panties

I know why you guys come here. You just want to look at girl’s asses. Whether it is round teen asses or big, latina booty or tight, firm butts or celebrity asses, it doesn’t seem to matter. It is all about ass, ass, ass! Well, now, I have to admit that I do like asses as much as the next guy, but there is something else I like and that is a round, firm ass in a pair of panties that stretch tightly across the butt cheeks. Sure I like looking at naked asses, but sometimes I just get tired of spread naked asses, extreme closeups of assholes and spread open ass cheeks. A firm, round ass in a pair of TIGHT panties is a thing of beauty. Take a look at Nicole from This adorable teen has a beautiful, round, bubble butt. Now, while her tight, ass looks beautiful naked, those firm ass cheeks look absolutely jaw dropping in her tight, cotton panties.

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Now, is that round ass covered in a pair of tight panties a thing of beauty or what? If you are not thinking about burying your face in her panty covered ass cheeks, the only thing I can say is that I think you are gay!

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Bubble Butt Blonde Bends Over With Her Round Ass In the Air

I want you guys to know that I leave no stone( or is that “ass”) unturned in my efforts to bring you the finest females asses on the internet. I have to go through thousands of pictures of female butts in order to choose only the best butts to grace the pages of this blog. Sure, you think it sounds like a fun. Why don’t you spend hours every day looking at photos of girls’ asses and see what that feels like?! OK, I must admit I do love looking at tight, female asses, thus the purpose of this blog, i.e to admire the female posterior from every angle. I think you guys will quite like my latest ass find. It is a drop dead gorgeous, east european(I think) blonde with a round, bubble butt. Yes, that is what I said, a blonde with a bubble butt! A rare find indeed. Now, latina booty is one of the finest and latina babes have a virtual monopoly on those tight, round, bubble butt booties. But, here is Ambra, a blonde babe with a bubble butt. I like!

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Ambra has assumed the position to display her ass perfectly, face down with her ass up in the air. Ambra has nice, large and FIRM ass cheeks. None of that saggy butt here. Ambra has a flawless ass. Those firm, round ass cheeks are begging to be spread wide, with a tongue placed deep between the ass cheeks.

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Curvy Girl Jordan Has a Big, Tight Round Ass and Big Tits

Now, THIS is what I call a big, beautiful, round ass! This big, tight round booty belongs to Jordan, from the website, And Jordan, is only one of over 50 girls on TotalSuperCuties. Jordan is one curvy girl. To go with the big, tight, round ass, Jordan has a pair of very large, beautiful tits. So, if you are looking for a girl with Big Tits and Round Ass, I would have to recommend Jordan, with her prominent J Lo booty.

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Can you imagine Jordan’s big ass in a pair of skin tight jeans as she walks in front of you?! I have to admit, watching that big, firm ass in tight pants or a skin tight would leave me weak. I would be following her round ass like a puppy dog, with my eyes glued to her tight, bubble butt. Well, I am off to fantasize having that big ass in my face, with me buried between her big, beautiful ass cheeks.

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Beautiful Blonde Bends With Round Butt Bends Over To Show Her Perfect Ass

Now THIS is how a perfect butt should be presented, bent over with ass up in the air, displaying those perfect round butt cheeks for us to admire and explore. This tight, round ass belongs to Lena from and you will have to agree that this hot blonde babe has a perfect round ass. And she is definitely not shy about displaying her tight butt to us. Lena loves flashing her round ass in public. In her videos, she walks around in public, lifting up her dress to show her ass in public.

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The camera follows her as she walks around, zooming in on her round ass as she walks up some stairs. Her round ass is really a joy to watch. We see her perfect cheeks, the curves of her round ass, the jiggle of her butt cheeks as she walks. She loves to display her ass cheeks, opening her ass wide open to show us a beautiful ass crack with a lovely, pink lickable asshole.

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Blonde Hottie Bends Over and Spreads Her Ass Open

As a lover of asses(and isn’t that why you are here?) THIS has to be one of the most beautiful views in the world. A hot blonde with a a firm, tight, round butt bending over and spreading her ass cheeks open with both hands to show us every inch of her pretty pink asshole and spread butt crack.

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Melissa Midwest, Blonde, Open Ass, Tight Asshole, Bent over teen ass

If you had a choice between spending a day at Niagara Falls or a day staring at and playing with this perfect female butt, which one would YOU choose. I am not ashamed to say that I wouldn’t even think about it twice. I would spend all day licking this beautiful ass, starting from her shaved pussy lips, up to her lovely pink, tight, little asshole.

I am sure you guys are wondering who this tight, little ass belongs to since I haven’t given away her name yet. Can you guess? Come on, I am sure you guys have spent many hours surfing the internet and wanking over tight, round butts like this one. I will give you another clue, this model has been posted on my blog before. Any idea? No? OK, I have posted about her before over HERE. Yes, this cutie with a tight ass in none other than Melissa Midwest. And I have to say, the more I look at her firm butt, the more I like it!

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British Bird Bends Over And Spreads Her Arse Wide Open!

I thought we would go British today and post some British “arse“. So, when you read this blog post, do so with a British accent, any accent will do really. It doesn’t matter if it is cockney, proper english, brummie, liverpudlian, manunian or even scottish. If you really are British then of course you will not have a problem reading this in a British accent. If you are not British(lucky you!) then do your best imitation. And to make it even more authentic, grab a pint of bitter and a serving of chicken tikka masala!

So, today we have a fine British bird for you. She is from a site called Hmmm…. Simon, what a typically English name. Her name is Roxana. Now, wasn’t that a song by Police, a great British band? Now that I think about it, that song by Police was called Roxanne. Either way, I wouldn’t mind pulling this hottie at a pub and giving her a snogging followed by a rogering up her fine arse! Now, for those of you who did not understand a word of what I said, I would suggest you consult a good English-American dictionary. But, basically I was saying that I would love to give her round ass a good fucking, specially the way she has her “arse cheeks” spread wide open for us, showing off her tight, pink butthole.

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Christine Conners Big, Round Ass and Deep Crack

OK, I have a confession to make Christine Conners’ ass makes me HORNY. She has those big, round, butt cheeks that I would just love to bury my face between. And, she has a nice deep, ass crack. The kind of ass crack that I enjoy spreading open. When a girl has an ass like that I get her to lay face down on the bed with her ass facing up. I then open up her ass and slide my hard dick between her ass cheeks. I am not talking anal sex here, even though I love that too. But, sometimes I just love the feeling of my dick between a deep, ass crack. Just like the one Christine Conners is showing us.

Christine Conners Bubble Butt

She loves to spread her ass and show us her beautiful ass crack. I think all that is missing is my face between her ass. What do you think about ass worship Christine?

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Lovely Lizzy Has A Lovely Bubble Butt in Tight Shorts

I always enjoy updates getting updates from Lovely Lizzy’s site at Lizzy has to have one of the best bubble butts on the net today. And all her updates feature Lizzy’s tight ass very prominently. There is Lizzy in skin tight boy shorts and there is Lizzy in a tiny thong with her skirt lifted up to reveal her perfect round butt cheeks and let us not forget about Lizzy’s ass in tight, white panties. Lizzy has a beautiful ass and she sure as hell knows it. Of course the fact that she is a cute teen with blonde hair, adorable smile and tanned skin doesn’t hurt either.

Lovely Lizzy in Tight Boy Shorts

Doesn’t that ass look fabulous? And what a great view, from lower down, looking up at the bottom of her round ass.. Who else would love to bury their face in her ass?! I am first.. !

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Sweet As Candy With a Bubble Butt

Since we are talking about, I thought would post another hottie from the same site, another model whose ass I have spent numerous hours imagining about. Licking, fingering, sticking my tongue deep between the cheeks of that beautiful bubble butt have all come to mind! Besides extreme close ups of Candy’s round bubble butt, these scenes have an added bonus, anal toys. We get to see Candy work her tight little asshole with a butt plug. Watching Candy play with a butt plug, pulling it in and out of her ass is quite a site and a joy to watch.

Here is a capture from one of Candy’s videos featuring close ups of her ass and some anal dildoing.

Bubble Butt Candy Butt Plug

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