Suzie Carina with a Vibrator in her Sweet, Tight Ass

I have been a huge Suzie Carina fan, ever since she burst on to the scene and well, made me burst with excitement! The thing about Suzie Carina is that she is so unpornstar like, if there is such a word. She has been in the business for a few years and she still looks as cute and as innocent as ever. She has not been pornified at all. Now I know, some guys will say what is wrong with looking like a porn star if you really are a pornstar. And that is fine, everybody has their own tastes. For me, it kills the fantasy when the girls looks too fake and too over the top. For example, one of the most popular nude modeling sites out there is Met-Art. All there girls look young and fresh. They look as though they just came from having lunch with their mom, rather than from a porn shoot where they fucked three different guys in three different holes! Now, when you see a fresh cutie like that ACTUALLY taking three guys in three holes and still look oh so innocent, THAT my friends is GREAT PORN!


Just like my cute and lovely Suzie Carina here with a dildo up that sweet little butt of hers. She looks like the kinda girl who doesn’t put vibrators up her butt, and that is exactly why I love this scene so much!

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