Santa Claus Fingers Two Tight Assholes

Here is your Christmas themed post for you. Yeah, yeah, I know Christmas is over, but I just found this scene and I thought I would share. Now, I spent a lot of time at the malls this Christmas, but nowhere did I see Santa getting this sort of action from his helpers. Maybe I am going to the wrong malls. Or it could be that this kind of stuff only happens in Europe? They are quite sexually liberated over there. Specially the Hungarians, they seem to love the anal stuff. Getting their asses fingered by a guy in a Santa Claus costume is probably just standard stuff in preparation for the Christmas eve ass fucking they will be getting from their boyfriends and lovers. Uptil now I kinda felt sorry for all those poor slobs dressed up in their Santa outfits. Not anymore, if they are getting to finger asses like this and fuck their tight assholes, I think they have quite a sweet gig! One of these cuties is Madison Parker who I think has the nicest, roundest ass perfect from anal sex. I have no idea about the other girl getting her ass fingered

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Santa Claus Ass Fingering Two Elves

Santa Claus Ass Fingering Two Elves

Watch Santa Claus Give Two Elves Their Christmas Presents – Anally!