Picture of Demi Moore’s Ass in a Bikini on Twitter


So here’s a little treat for you guys. You know we like to follow celebrity asses, in fact, we have quite a few posted on this blog. There is Jessica Biel’s ass and cameltoe ,  Nicole Scherzinger’s firm assKim Kardashian’s round booty and today we have Demi Moore. What is great about this shot that is not a paparazzi shot. It is a candid shot that was taken by her husband Ashton Kutcher! She is bending over and steaming his suit, getting ready for Bruce Willis’ wedding, but it looks like Ashton is getting steamed up as well watching Demi’s ass. So what does Ashton do? He takes a picture of Demi Moore’s ass in a bikini and puts it on Twitter! Yep, that is the shot that he put on twittter for all the world to see. Thanks Ashton, Demi Moore still has a nice ass after all these years! Btw, here is the link to the original Twitter


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