Now THIS is a Perfect Ass!

I started this blog with a simple question, “what is the perfect ass?”. Now after posting pictures of hundreds of beautiful, firm, round asses are we any closer to answer that question? Can we really define the “perfect ass” in simple words? Or do we just know the perfect ass when we see it? Can we with any certainty lay out all the attributes a perfect ass should have? Some of us will say it has be big and juicy. Others amongst us prefer them smaller, the kind of ass that we can cup in the palm of our hands. Personally I prefer them somewhat in between, not too large and not too small. The kind of ass that can stand on it’s own without any hint of sagginess.┬áMy vision of a perfect ass is something like this.

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I challenge anybody here to give me one thing wrong with this gorgeous butt! You can’t, because that is one flawless ass. There is not one hint of sagginess. The ass cheeks are perfectly round and firm. It is not too big, not is it too small. A perfect medium of a tight, round ass. Oh yes, I did find ONE thing wrong with that ass, and that is that my face is not buried between those perfect round cheeks!

More of Lolli from and her perfect, round, stunning ass can be found HERE!

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