Hot Redhead Karlie Montana Spreads Ass Cheeks Wide Open

There is just something about a girl laying on her side and opening up her ass cheeks to show us what her Mama gave her that I find absolutely mind blowing. There aren’t many things more beautiful that a hot redhead spreading her ass open and give us an intimate look at her ass crack, her butthole and of course her protruding pussy lips. That gorgeous wide open ass belongs to Karlie Montana, a stunning redhead with an incredible round butt. Now you might recognize the style of photography, it belongs to our friend over at Now with a name like inthecrack, you can expect that these guys know ASS! I think their ass worship, close ups of beautiful butt cracks and tight asshole videos are probably the best in the business.

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Here is a little description from about what goes in one of Karlie Montana’s video. Now if this doesn’t work for you, I don’t know if anything will!

Karlie may have the ass to die for but she’s never stuck anything up it….until now. This is Karlie’s first ever anal scene and she does a really beautiful job of it. While lying on her front on the bed with her legs wide open we sneak right up under her ass to gaze up her gorgeous crack while she dabbles her finger in her anus. The intimate bum crack view is truly magical with gorgeous curves and lots of sexy anus winking. Before long she progresses to a blue dildo and she continues dabbling it in her ass hole and bringing it out to show her gorgeous anus winking in and out. Later she moves to lie on her side in a pose that really shows her fantastic form as she continues dabbling with the dildo and winking her ass hole. Though the bulk of this is just sexy dabbling and winking she does momentarily work up some more intense action grinding the dildo in her ass. In the latter part of this clip we focus more and more on her incredible anus winking. Her anus has an incredible range of motion as she flexes it in and out at will only inches in front of your face. This will really hit the spot if you dream of beautiful anuses. At the end Karlie’s personality comes to the front as she starts talking to you about her anus. Unlike typical porn star jargon this is anything but cliche, and rather more spontaneous sexy ass talk.

HOLY FUCK! That sounds fucking incedible. Get a close up view of Karlie Montana and her ass right HERE

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