Beautiful Brunette Displays Her Perfect Round Ass

We could argue for ever and still not come to agreement on what represents a “perfect ass”. And that is ok, because variety is the spice of life. Some go for big, round, latina booty, others prefer slim, firm asses. But, which ever side of the “perfect ass” argument you are on, I think you would agree that this ass here is probably quite close to perfect.

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Perfect Ass, Tight Booty, Round Ass, Shaved Pussy between Ass

It is perfectly round, and flares nicely at the hips, giving Melisa from that perfect womanly figure. Moreover, her ass is firm and smooth with no unsightly bulges. If that is not enough, Melisa’s angelic face, and beautiful long hair, make this girl a stunner. That gentleman, is quite simply a thing of beauty. How many of us could spend days admiring(touching? licking?) every inch of that beautiful, perfect, round butt.

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