Celebrity Kim Kardashian Perfect Round Bubble Butt

I love all kinds of asses, as long as they are FIRM! There is nothing worse than a saggy ass. But, after that I don’t care. I love small, firm bums as well as some fine, big booty latinas or even tight, teen butts. My favourite though is the big, round, tight, firm ass. It is the type of ass you would find on women from Southern Europe, i.e Italian women, Spanish girls, Greek babes etc. They seem to have these gravity defying asses, at least when they are in their 20s. Once they get into their late 30s and 40s, gravity seems to start exerting it’s force. But, there is nothing like a big, round 20 year old girl’s ass. I love looking at celebrity asses to see which one of them has the best. There is one that I saw today that I hadn’t noticed before. Now, you might have heard of Kim Kadashian before. She has these sex tapes going around. Apparently, you can’t be a minor celebrity these days unless you have your own sex tape. Apparently her father was O.J. Simpson’s lawyer when he got off for murdering his ex-wife. Well, I hope he gets what he deserves this time. Anyway, back to Kim Kardashian. Now, this girl has an absolutely PHENOMENAL ass. Apparently she is of Armenian descent. Where ever she is from, she has one beautiful bubble butt. Here check out Kim Kardashian’s ass.

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Damn, that is one hot ass. Beautiful curves. I just love the way her butt sticks out. The roundness of her cheeks, accentuated by her very tight dress. I haven’t seen the Kim Kardashian sex video myself, but I hope who ever was banging her in those video spent a long time between those perfect ass cheeks. I could spent hours licking that butt, spreading her big beautiful ass cheeks and ramming her tight asshole.

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