British Bird Bends Over And Spreads Her Arse Wide Open!

I thought we would go British today and post some British “arse“. So, when you read this blog post, do so with a British accent, any accent will do really. It doesn’t matter if it is cockney, proper english, brummie, liverpudlian, manunian or even scottish. If you really are British then of course you will not have a problem reading this in a British accent. If you are not British(lucky you!) then do your best imitation. And to make it even more authentic, grab a pint of bitter and a serving of chicken tikka masala!

So, today we have a fine British bird for you. She is from a site called Hmmm…. Simon, what a typically English name. Her name is Roxana. Now, wasn’t that a song by Police, a great British band? Now that I think about it, that song by Police was called Roxanne. Either way, I wouldn’t mind pulling this hottie at a pub and giving her a snogging followed by a rogering up her fine arse! Now, for those of you who did not understand a word of what I said, I would suggest you consult a good English-American dictionary. But, basically I was saying that I would love to give her round ass a good fucking, specially the way she has her “arse cheeks” spread wide open for us, showing off her tight, pink butthole.

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Round Teen Ass, Pink Butthole, Open Ass

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