Beautiful Round Ass in Tight Jean Shorts


There is just something irresistible about an ass in tight jean shorts or any tight shorts for that matter. But, I know a lot of guys, myself included have a fetish for girls in tight jeans. Looking at a girl in tight jeans gives me an instant erection, actually more so than if I were to see the ass naked. It is funny how that happens. This picture illustrates that allure perfectly in my not so humble opinion. I just love the way the tight seam of the jeans rides up deep into the butt crack, separating the ass cheeks wide open. You just know that behind that seam is a tight little asshole just waiting to be licked.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt when the booty in shorts belongs to Debbie White. She is not shy about her ass. And she is willing to give up a close up view of every inch of that ass crack. She takes those shorts off and spreads her butt wide open as the camera closes in on her delicious pink asshole. As if that is not enough, she lays on her side and inserts a dildo into that butthole as the camera captures her every move. Absolutely delicious. A must for any ass lover.

Big Ass Girl Naomi Spreading Her Booty Wide Open

If you are a booty lover, then you MUST have heard of Naomi. And if you haven’t heard of her, here is your chance to make up for lost time, and intimately explore Naomi’s spread open butt crack. I very rarely get lost for words, and since I am a blogger, that is probably a good thing. But, Naomi’s damn near perfect ass always leaves me dumb struck. It has all the elements of the perfect booty. It is big, there is no denying that. If Naomi walks into a room, you will probably notice her butt before you notice her, putting her behind in the same league as Kim Kardashian’s big butt. But, even though it is big, it doesn’t sag, even one tiny bit. I have spent hours worshipping Naomi’s butt cheeks and trust me when I say that those butt cheeks are about as firm as they get.

But, what I really love about Naomi the most is that she is not shy about sharing her most beautiful asset. Here she is in a scene from Dirt Pipe Milkshakes, in stockings, suspenders, high heels and a black thong that has been pulled down to her knees. Watch how she jiggles those ass cheeks with her hands, spreading them wide open and showing off her tight, pink asshole. She is displaying her butthole for a reason. She is going to soon have a hard dick between those cheeks and an asshole full of cum.

Cierra Spice Perfect Round Latina Teen Ass


I just realized something, I haven’t introduced you booty lovers to one of the finest new latina asses to hit the internet. If I want to make this website a booty lover’s paradise, then I must have a post that talks about Cierra Spice. She is a young, barely legal latina bubble butt teen. A college coed, in fact, with a flawless body. As you might have guessed from her name, she is a member of the Spice girls. No, not the has been British pop group, I am talking about the Spice stable of latina hotties, that includes girls like Pamela Spice and Karla Spice. Cierra is the latest latina to join that line up. And like the other Spice girls, she has a teen booty that can stop traffic. Specially if she stood in the middle of the road like THAT, bent over with her round latin ass up in the air. She has those firm, muscular butt cheeks that just separate naturally when she bends over as she is doing here. Her tight latin asshole is just visible between her asshcheeks. Moving down, we can’t but help admire her pink, juicy pussylips. Even though her pussy is closed in this picture, it is not always that way on her website. She has no problem putting her fingers and large dildos into her latina pussy in order to entertain her members, and of course herself as well. One more thing Cierra is a hundred percent American Latina teen. So, you just might see her latina ass if you ever drop by at your local college campus.

Blonde Tea Spreads Open Her Butt and Shows Her Asshole


If you love ass, then you owe it to yourself to head over to When I say you need to love ass I don’t mean guys who say, “oh yeah, that is a nice ass”. What I mean is, if you are a coinnoisseur of fine asses, the kind of guy that sees a beautiful ass and wants to bury his face between the cheeks, then is the site for you. I don’t say this lightly, I have looked around a lot and while there are lots of sites out there that have girls with beautiful asses, and I post stuff from there here all the time, I find one of the few sites that really lets you get close up between a girl’s ass. They seem to have an endless supply of beautiful girls with round butts who don’t mind being filmed with ass cheeks spread wide open. I mean, if you are going to open your ass and let a guy film your asshole for a good five minutes, then you are a special type of girl. Look at Tea for example. This girl makes my dick hard, even with her clothes on. Then when she lays like that and spread her cheeks open like that, well, I am lost for words. That has to be one of the most beautiful pussy and asshole combinations I have ever seen.

Watch Blonde Tea Spread Her Ass Wide Open

Picture of Demi Moore’s Ass in a Bikini on Twitter


So here’s a little treat for you guys. You know we like to follow celebrity asses, in fact, we have quite a few posted on this blog. There is Jessica Biel’s ass and cameltoe ,  Nicole Scherzinger’s firm assKim Kardashian’s round booty and today we have Demi Moore. What is great about this shot that is not a paparazzi shot. It is a candid shot that was taken by her husband Ashton Kutcher! She is bending over and steaming his suit, getting ready for Bruce Willis’ wedding, but it looks like Ashton is getting steamed up as well watching Demi’s ass. So what does Ashton do? He takes a picture of Demi Moore’s ass in a bikini and puts it on Twitter! Yep, that is the shot that he put on twittter for all the world to see. Thanks Ashton, Demi Moore still has a nice ass after all these years! Btw, here is the link to the original Twitter


Sarah of Femjoy’s Perfect Butt and Lickable Asshole


I like spread open asses as much as the next guy. Gaping assholes filled with cock are great too. But, there is just something about a perfect, round ass photographed professionally and artistically that I find so very appealing. When the butt is as beautiful as this one belonging to Sarah from Femjoy, I am sure it makes the photographer’s job much easier. But, photoshoots like this really demonstrate the synergy between the model and the photographer. Femjoy is good at that. They know how to take pictures of asses, and everything else for that matter. But, this is a blog about asses. so that is what I want to focus on. Sarah’s ass is a joy to focus on. Round butt cheeks, slightly open, just enough to see the outline of her pretty asshole, shaved pussy lips and the head turn around from the model, as if to say, “come and stick your tongue in my asshole”. At least that is what she is saying to me!

Watch Sarah Bend Over and Show Off Her Open Ass and Hot Asshole

Met-Art Michelle’s Teen Ass Close Up

Now here is an ass that I would like to examine closely. Very closely. This rather beautiful ass belongs to Michelle C, a Met-Art model who happens to be quite stunning herself. She is stunning in that, girl next door, hot college girl, girl you always dreamed about way. Michelle has dreamy blue eyes and sexy, pouty, full lips, the kind that are just perfect to wrap around your cock. I can just imagine Michelle looking at me with those blue eyes, while she wraps those pouty lips around my dick and gives me the blowjob of my dreams. But, Michelle’s best asset has to be this perfect, round ass that she is bending over and letting us admire. Those round ass cheeks are just waiting to be caressed. I can imagine myself kissing those perfect butt cheeks, spreading her ass wide open and admiring her spread open butt as I move my tongue down between the crack of her sweet, teen ass.

Close Up of Firm, Round Teen Ass
Close Up of Firm, Round Teen Ass

Michelle’s Beautiful, Firm Ass is HERE!

Brunette with Round Ass in Stockings and Suspenders

Here is something a little different for you fellow lovers of fine female booty. I have posted a lot of different asses, from small, firm teen asses to latina booty to round, european butts. But this is the first time the girl is wearing stockings and suspenders. I really like this look for a change of pace. The matching black stockings and suspenders really frame that beautiful, round ass perfectly. The black thong adds to the effect and is just more icing on the cake. This is a very classy look and unfortunately not too many wear stockings and suspenders these days. But, when they do, the effect can be quite stunning as we see with this firm, round bubble butt.

Beautiful Firm Ass of Girl Wearing Stockings and Suspenders

Beautiful Firm Ass of Girl Wearing Stockings and Suspenders

Hot Blonde with Perfect Round Teen Ass

Let me present to you the perfect woman, her name is Inga C. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, perfect natural and the most beautiful, firm, round teen ass that you ever laid your eyes on. THAT has to be one of the most perfect asses I have seen in a long time. Look how round that ass is. The way it flairs out from her hips and down to the top of her thighs. Those ass cheeks look firm and I am just about ready to spread her ass open and bury my face in there. Now, mind you, for those of you that prefer latina booties, you might not like this ass. It is not what I would call a “big ass“. It is big enough. But, it is not latina booty big. It is a medium sized, tight firm ass. But, Inga C is a dirty girl, and it looks like she needs some help soaping up that beautiful body and round teen ass of hers. I better go and help her clean up.

Blonde Teen with a Perfect Round Ass

Blonde Teen with a Perfect Round Ass

Stunning Blonde Teen with a Delicious Round Ass HERE!

Santa Claus Fingers Two Tight Assholes

Here is your Christmas themed post for you. Yeah, yeah, I know Christmas is over, but I just found this scene and I thought I would share. Now, I spent a lot of time at the malls this Christmas, but nowhere did I see Santa getting this sort of action from his helpers. Maybe I am going to the wrong malls. Or it could be that this kind of stuff only happens in Europe? They are quite sexually liberated over there. Specially the Hungarians, they seem to love the anal stuff. Getting their asses fingered by a guy in a Santa Claus costume is probably just standard stuff in preparation for the Christmas eve ass fucking they will be getting from their boyfriends and lovers. Uptil now I kinda felt sorry for all those poor slobs dressed up in their Santa outfits. Not anymore, if they are getting to finger asses like this and fuck their tight assholes, I think they have quite a sweet gig! One of these cuties is Madison Parker who I think has the nicest, roundest ass perfect from anal sex. I have no idea about the other girl getting her ass fingered

Click on the picture to see more Ass Fingering and Anal Sex!

Santa Claus Ass Fingering Two Elves

Santa Claus Ass Fingering Two Elves

Watch Santa Claus Give Two Elves Their Christmas Presents – Anally!